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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why simplicity matters | Irene Etzkorn, Siegel+Gale

Simplicity is the essence of the golden rule. It’s an indication of consideration: I've taken the time to move the complexity of something out of the way so that the recipient of a conversation, a deed, a gesture, a letter, understands what I mean.
Etzkorn follows that introduction with questions and answers about simplicity. She explains "why it’s critical for any business seeking growth and profitability."

Here are the questions, with some excerpts from her answers:
How does simplicity benefit business?
Why is simplicity a necessity?
What is the biggest misconception that people have about simplicity?
Why is simplicity so elusive?
It is easier to add and append than to rethink. The result is often information which supersedes or duplicates previously existing content. A perfect example is an insurance policy. ...
Can we achieve simplicity in a world that is so complex?
Most of our work involves customizing content, carefully timing information delivery, structuring content so that it is intuitive and writing in plain language.
What are the advantages for those companies that adopt simplicity?
Business leaders need to realize that simplicity is mutually beneficial to customers and companies. Clarity often engenders trust and trust influences customer loyalty. ... I hope that consumers will demand to understand what they are buying and that “fine print” will eventually be an anachronism.
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