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Sunday, April 29, 2012

7 Steps to Take Now to Increase Your Creative Output | Amy Neumann (with Eliza Wing), Huff Post, GPS for the Soul

What lies beneath the commitment to create? How can we position ourselves in ways that elevate our work?
Neumann and Wang answer those question in this article. They describe "useful qualities anyone can develop to help them along a creative path." Here are their topic headings:

Question Authority

Don't Act Your Age

Give Generously (To Yourself AND Others)

They quote social media consultant Ann Tran:
Creativity originates from several basic life elements, one of which is generosity and a heart curved outwards toward the world. Giving time and attention to others, listening intently to them, and taking in all the beautiful, interesting aspects of life - these set the stage for the birth of creative ideas.
Respect the Practice

Be Truthful

Pay Attention

Be a Dreamer

They quote social media adviser Sean Gardner:
Surround yourself with great people, be visionary and determined about your future, and always do your best ... and then some! Life is too short to not give it all you've got. Let the world see the amazing person you aim to become.

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