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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Encouraging Creativity in Your Employees | Stephanie. biz ladies, Design*Sponge

As creatives, we are blessed with this innate ability to provide new, unique and beautiful products to our clients, but how do we constantly produce in a busy, often taxing design environment?
It's not clear to me who wrote that, blogger Stephanie or guest writer Sarah Stevenson. But whoever wrote it, it's a good question! And the rest of the column provides some useful advice! It concludes:
Creatives are already right-brain thinkers, but they also need care and nurturing in order to keep creating. In our pursuit to design a better future for our businesses and our creative staff, applying these simple steps can help us get there that much quicker. 
Here ares some tidbits of advice below the subheads:

Allot Space for Outside Creativity during the Workday
Taking time to step away from the tasks at hand allows our brains to recharge and reengage, gives the artist an opportunity to explore something personally interesting and helps her return to the project at hand with much more enthusiasm. ...
Build Fun into the Workday
... Think about restaurants you visit that have paper tablecloths and a container of markers on the table? Why not bring this into your studio or workspace? Fun does not have to take away from project time; it can be a quick 15-minute break to do something different and once again, reenergize your brain for creative thinking.
... Having all the latest books, magazines and blogs available to use as a jumping-off point gives the artist a break from their creating but also allows inspiration gathering to occur at a different level. ...
Schedule Group Gatherings
There is nothing more beneficial for you and your employees than in-office and out-of-office gatherings. Showing your staff you care about them by providing space for them to get to know you and each other better is one step toward retention. ...
Structure the Workday
... Define the project teams and responsibilities up front, have regular check-in visits with the team and reward them along the way for a job well done.
Say Thank You
... A small note of appreciation, a personal thank you and a pat on the back make people feel wanted and part of the team.

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