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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to De-Jargonize Your Web Content | Brad Schorr, Content is Currency

If you want people to read your content and more importantly relate to it and act on it, you must speak their language, not yours. Jargon has an extremely negative impact on how content is received.
Of course, the truth of those statements in Schorr's article is obvious.  He goes on to describe seven ways to de-jargonize. Here are his topic headings (and advice I want to emphasize):
1. Have customers critique your content.

2. Have your sales team critique your content.

3. Add customers or sales reps to your content creation team.

4. Centralize and empower the editing function. ... Having a single, strong editor with relentless customer focus is the best way to prevent wild corporate-speak pitches. ...
5. Create an editorial guidelines document. To an extent, jargon is hard to avoid when content is written in-house by people who are used to speaking in those terms. Help them break free by building a document that lists technical phrases and the preferred English translations. ...
6. Outsource content creation.

7. Shift editorial focus from features to benefits. 

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