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Friday, May 4, 2012

One Simple Trick for Breaking through Writer’s Block | Cela , American Writers & Artists Inc.

Here's a creative way to deal with a writing problem that's covered in an endless number of Web articles. DeLaRosa writes:
When writer’s block stops me in my tracks, I use a simple trick that never fails to get me writing again. Believe it or not, I learned the trick from my high school debate team.
DeLaRosa's fellow debater tells a provocative story but doesn't provide the ending. She urges the listener to come up with one or more endings. DeLaRosa writes:
The simple trick I learned from [the debate friend] is the go-to story. The go-to story outsmarts writer’s block every time. For any situation or topic, you have a go-to story inside of you — some experience, some memory, an image, a vivid dream — something you can use to inspire your writing. ...
Simply going through the motions of typing your go-to story relieves deadline stress and gets your brain out of neutral. Try changing the main characters, or the location, or the ending. Soon more ideas will flow in, and you’ll be over your writer’s block.
If you can't come up with your own go-to story, try using the horse-trading story in the article. That's what DeLaRosa does.

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