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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Making connections | Sarah M. Earle, Concord Monitor

Earle writes about Christine Szelog-Tilley, an Air Force veteran who's finding a new career in photography. She had seen the world while in the service--South America, Turkey and Japan--but was struggling with what to do at home. And then she decided to study photography on the GI Bill in college.
Almost all of my projects so far have been people. I love working with people. ... Most of my shoots take an hour and a half if not more. You can always tell the images toward the end of the shoot are so much better than the first images, because you start talking to the people and learning about them and building a connection.
Szelog-Tilley is planning to specialize in family portraits and wedding photography:
I love it because you get to share in other people's experiences and live those moments with them.
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