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Monday, April 23, 2012

Philanthropy and the Digital Public Dialogue: Challenges and New Opportunities | Jeff Stanger, The Communications Network

Writes Jeff Stanger of the Center for Digital Information [emphasis added]:
Unlike in past eras, social sector organizations are now in direct control of a mass communication medium, more powerful than any that preceded it, with global reach, unique capabilities and expanding potential to engage and inform. An intimidating prospect for those not accustomed to “being the media,” but a golden opportunity nonetheless.
Whether viewed as a challenge or an opportunity, the social sector must adopt new psychology, create new organizational structures, develop new strategies, invite new skills and take a fresh look at how resources are allocated toward informing citizens and policymakers on critical public issues.
The article goes on to briefly describe the mission of the Center for Digital Information and a conference round table on this topic that it's supporting in late April. (I like Stanger's statement above, however; I'm not posting this article to promote either his organization or the April event.)

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