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Friday, April 27, 2012

Serendipity: Two women meet after lost wallet unites them |

As I've noted in other blog posts, I value the concepts--and the reality--of serendipity and making connections. This article is about the reality of both. I won't tell the story, though. You can read it. By these quotations, by the people involved, express wonderful feelings when that reality happens.

Celeste, a good Samaritan, resident of a Florida town where this story was published:
She just deserved it. You can tell, she's a really good person and she deserved it, so I was so happy for her that she was so happy to get it back.
It was so exciting to see Blanca's face in the article -- jumping up and down for joy with her mail lady. I just thought that was the coolest reward to finally know that she got it back okay and that she was happy and excited and I got to see, in my mind, how she reacted.
Blanca, a resident of Texas, Celeste's new but distant friend:
For me, I couldn't let something that someone did for me that was so great -- just go by. I had to try and find her because at least I could say "I really tried." I wanted to try and find her.
The good Samaritan, again:
I had my wallet stolen when I was in high school, ... so I can't even imagine losing all the things that were in there. I figured she was on vacation as well -- [and she] must have been panicked.
I guess as a teacher, I try to teach my kids that you should do the right thing even when nobody's watching and so -- I wouldn't have done it any other way.
I would love to meet her someday, that would be fun to meet her. I have to say, she's just a sweet person and you can tell she treats others the way she wants to be treated. Someday we probably will meet, but for now we're Facebook friends.
The good Samaritan's new friend (emphasis added):
It has renewed my faith in humanity.
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