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Monday, April 23, 2012

Paul Ryan’s Religion of Convenience | Alesa Mackool, RH Reality Check

This article makes (at least) two excellent--and accurate--points related to believers of any religion (and nonbelievers as well).

To make her points, Mackoo discusses some issues related to reproductive sexual health and justice. They're controversial, by definition, but my point here isn't to focus on them (I may save that for another time). Instead, I think many of us could agree on these two points.

First, Mackoo writes:
Selective observance of a church’s religious teachings is the standard for just about every believer, even the most supposedly devout.
And second, Mackoo concludes with this most important statement:
If you have to pick and choose which part of a religious doctrine to adhere to, it’s pretty clear that this doctrine shouldn’t be used to justify legislation. Our leaders are elected to adhere to the Constitution, and that’s both a firm platform to stand on, and something we all can agree on.
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