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Sunday, April 22, 2012

What to Think About Before You Hit ‘Send’ - Alina Tugend,

Among other things, this article lists six tips on "appropriate procedures and ways to get the best answers to your messages." Here's No. 6, followed by additional comment on it in the article:
¶ Use proper grammar and punctuation. 
This last one is important for everyone, but particularly for anyone more used to texting, with all the jargon and shortcuts that are part of that, said Lisa Orrell, who writes about and conducts workshops on generational trends in the workplace.
When older people get e-mails from people in their 20s, “with all the acronyms and abbreviations, they don’t fully understand them and it can lead to miscommunication,” she said. The younger people, on the other hand, get frustrated with e-mail, “which they see as a slow game of Pong, while texting is playing Wii.”
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