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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shift Change: Putting Democracy to Work by Moving Images — Kickstarter

At a time when millions have been thrown out of work, and many are losing their homes, the usual economic solutions are not working. More people are willing to think outside of the box, to reinvent our failing economy.
At this site, you'll find an intriguing, persuasive 6 1/2-minute video and text giving background about the video. It previews a documentary nearing completion, "Shift Change," about companies in the United States and in Mondragón, Spain, that are owned and managed by their workers.

The site explains that these employer-owned enterprises are competing successfully "while providing dignified jobs in democratic workplaces."

I am impressed!

According to the website:
Many worker-owned firms are more fun to work in, more profitable and innovative, and committed to the communities where they are based. Yet most people don't realize how successful they have been and the promise they offer for a better life.
Note: This project is featured on a website for Kickstarter, which describes itself as "the world's largest funding platform for creative projects." It's trying to raise money in small pledges to finance the documentary, and according to facts at the site, it's almost reached the fundraising goal.

I'm posting this blog, though, to promote the documentary and, especially, the creative workplace solutions it's highlighting--not to promote the fundraising campaign. But to me, the entire effort is worthwhile.

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