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Saturday, May 12, 2012

14 Tips for Quick and Effective Travel Photography - farbspiel photography

Because I'm traveling more these days -- and taking my camera wherever I go -- I like reading articles like this to improve my photography.

This blogger breaks his tips into The Gear, The Preparation, and The Shoot. Here are the headings for each of his tips:
The Gear
Tip 1: Get a camera with good low-light capabilities.
Tip 2: Use a monopod.
Tip 3: Get the right panorama head.
Tip 4: Get an ultra-wide zoom lens.
Tip 5: Get the right lens bag.
Tip 6: Get the right camera strap.
Tip 7: Get a biiiiig memory card.
Tip 8: Get a small external hard drive as a backup, just in case.
The Preparation
Tip 9: Know your camera setup.
Tip 10: Have a steady hand.
The Shoot
Tip 11: Auto-bracket your shots
Tip 12: Shoot RAW (and JPEG).
Tip 13: In critical situations, shoot multiple times.
Tip 14: Have fun.
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