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Thursday, May 10, 2012

How To Kill Your Creativity | Mila Jaroniec, Thought Catalog

Now here's a unique take on creativity. I figure the point of Jaroniec's article is to inspire your creativity by telling you what not to do!

Here are some examples:
Suppress your good ideas because what, they wouldn’t make a difference anyway.

Feel weird about having free time and feel at loss for what to do with yourself when you actually get it.

Spend melty hours smoking joints making vague plans and nodding in agreement; promptly forget what was said the next day.

Put your own goals on the back burner and promise yourself tomorrow to block out the sticky vagueness of subterranean anxiety.

Stay in all the time because going out takes too much effort and there’s nothing new to see out there anyway.

Only read books that agree with your ideology, only date people who share your background, opinions, interests, and schedule.

Get personally involved in people who have no knowledge of or interest in you whatsoever.

Classify yourself and everyone, stay tight in your comfort zone and be the first to point a finger at people who move from theirs.
For suggestions on things you should actually consider doing, follow the creativity link in my Garblog Labels cloud.

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