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Monday, May 7, 2012

Digital Altruism: How Social Media Marketing Can Change The World | Bridge Consulting Inc.

Whether your organization is attempting to raise money through donations, or simply to promote awareness of a particular cause, you can use the principles of social media marketing to achieve your goal.
So writes blogger Kate W. She writes:
[B]usiness isn’t the only arena that can benefit from social media marketing. Social media is also a very powerful tool for motivating social change. Nonprofits and other organizations can leverage the basic tenets of social media marketing in order to ensure their message reaches a wider audience.
She provides a couple of examples of how social media have been used to benefit nonprofits. And she provides some encouragement (emphasis added):
Choose where you’d like to have a social media presence, and update each site regularly, while ensuring that your message stays consistent across each platform. Partner with other businesses and organizations that share your goals and message .... And most importantly, interact with your supporters and followers, as the more engaged they feel, the more they will continue to spread the word. ...
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