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Monday, May 7, 2012

Communications: It Takes Two | HealthNet.Federal Services

As implied in the headline, this article is targeted at both the health-care provider and the health-care patient.

It's the responsibility of the provider, the article says, to communicate with patients in plain language and to promote health literacy to patients.

To benefit the patient, the article advises providers to do these things (summarized):
  • Know your audience. ...
  • Organize information so the most important ... points come first.
  • Use simple language. ...
  • Be aware of body language ....
And it's the responsibility of the patient to expect use of plain language and to ask questions if information isn't clear.

The article says:
Plain language is now a consumer right and providers know clear and concise communication means better results and relationships.
Questions a patient should ask, if necessary, included the following:
  • Can you break this information into simple sentences?
  • What does that mean?
For more information, check out Garbl's Plain English Writing Guide.

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