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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Centaurus Founder To Focus On Philanthropy | FINalternatives

Centaurus Capital founder John Arnold will turn his attentions to philanthropy after shutting down his hugely successful natural gas hedge fund.
According to this article, Arnold, 38, and his wife, Laura, already ranked in 2011 as the 11th-biggest donors in the United States.

Says Jim Crownover, chairman of the Rice University board of trustees:
They make a distinction between charity and philanthropy. They think investment vs. donations. They're looking at places where the market doesn't work, like in education.
The Arnolds both serve Rice, she as a trustee and he as an overseer of its $4.5 billion endowment. But they're also supporting or plan to focus on such issues as prison-sentencing reform, pension reform and public schools.

John Arnold said last year:
We have the benefit of being young, so we can look at very complicated problems. We have years to see these through.
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