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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Recalling 30 years of public service: Pride in my work and our work

We're now in the middle of Public Service Recognition Week, a time to honor the dedicated people in our federal, state and local government of the United States for their work for people who want, need and use our public services. I posted a brief item about it on Tuesday.

But here's something I wrote a little more than a year, when I retired from King County government, home of Seattle, Washington:
During the 30-year retirement ceremony for me on Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011, I described briefly how each of my communications jobs at Metro/King County built on my career goal of helping people learn about, understand, influence and use their government services. I noted that I had been an editor, public information officer, lobbyist and service information chief for the public transit, wastewater treatment and road services functions of Metro/King County.

I then said:

"I’ve had a lot of pride in all the publications I’ve produced or helped produce during the past 30 years. I’ve saved at least one copy of most of them—partially to preserve my good memories and partially to have examples of my work to display if other opportunities come my way.

"I’ve been going through those publications during the past month --- at home and at work. ... And reviewing those publications stimulated my pride in the efforts of everyone I’ve worked with.

"We’re hearing a lot lately from some people who have a political agenda that includes attacking public employees. But based on my experience, I know that their comments are mostly based on ignorance of the good work done by public employees like us—or deliberate misrepresentations of our work for political purposes. ..."

I concluded:

"Thank you to every one here and not here for being part of our beautiful symphony of public service. We’ve made beautiful music together. Without our fine-tuned work, the people we serve every day would have less harmony in their lives—even if they don’t hear about the good work we do!"

Here's a photo of my family and me from that event, when my former boss was telling stories about me.

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