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Thursday, May 10, 2012

8 Ways to Recharge Your Creativity and Your Business | Chris Griffiths, Innovation Excellence

I've been reading a lot lately about creativity--and posting some items in my blog about what I've read. I find creativity to be an intriguing, fascinating topic; what is it? what inspires it? how can we each achieve for ourselves or others? what kills it? And I find it a useful topic for my own self-improvement: to enhance my own creativity.

It seems many articles cover the same territory, with sometimes differing or unique choices of words and examples. Others dwell on the research or historical displays of creativity.

This article by author Chris Griffiths provides a more thorough description of specific ways "to recharge your creativity and your business."

Griffiths writes:
The following are eight strategies taken from my book GRASP The Solution: How to find the best answers to everyday challenges to keep your creativity – and your business – freshly charged. Try them out – you’ll soon rediscover your buzz!
I won't try to summarize Griffiths' commentary; you should read the article (and perhaps his book) if you've read my words here so far. But to give you a taste of what Griffiths has to say, here are his topic headings :
1 ) Define your problem clearly and correctly
2 ) Get your team involved with an effective brainstorming strategy
3 ) Reframe your problem (again and again)

4 ) Master the metaphor

5 ) Dream up an idea

6 ) Challenge your old assumptions

7 ) Change your point of reference

8 ) Reverse the challenge
For more information, check out Garbl's Creativity Resources Online.

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