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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Writing Process Revealed in How to Write Better, Faster | Jodi Torpey, The Daily Blatt

Writes blogger Jodi Torpey:
The more I read about the writing process, the more I wanted to know about it. And the more I learned about it, the more I wanted to share that information with other writers.
Writes blogger Jodi Topey before providing some tips about her discoveries, like this one:
[I]f you’re happy with the results of your business writing ... then you probably don’t need to change anything in your writing process.
However, if you struggle to organize your ideas and write them down in a clear and concise way or if others are always asking you to explain what you just wrote, something needs to change in your writing process to get a better result.
Later, she writes about shocking "on-the-job writers":
I suggest 50 percent of their writing time should be spent planning before they start to write. I also suggest that 15 percent of the writing time should be spent quickly writing a rough draft. The remaining 35 percent of time should be spent on revising.
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