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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4 Ways to Get SEO Clients Past Their Content Marketing Writer’s Block | Nick Stamoulis, Search Engine Journal

Stamoulis begins:
The number one content marketing problem plaguing many of my clients (and I’m sure other SEO professionals can commiserate) is that they say they don’t know what to write. They are constantly struggling to come up with topics for their blog which means content isn’t getting produced on a regular basis. As a result, the blog isn’t nearly as powerful and useful for SEO as it could be. If any of your clients are suffering from content marketing writer’s block, here are four ideas to give them at your next meeting to help them break free:
His four ideas fall under this headings:
  1. Use Other Industry Blogs as Inspiration.
  2. Have Customer Service and Sales Representatives Keep Track of Questions. 
  3. Break up white papers or webinars into short posts. 
  4. Interview Employees and Customers
Another idea, which I use to prompt links and comments for this blog, is to create Google Alerts for key words of issues or topics you want to write about. Doing that has several values, related to the first idea above: It gives you some insights into other, possibly popular, topics of discussion. It gives you a starting point--or background info--for commenting on topics of interest to you. Perhaps you want to clarify or correct a point made by someone in another blog or news article.

The Google Alerts are easy to modify or delete. You can have them come at various times, daily, once a week or even more frequently. And there appears to be no limit on how many you can create.

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