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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Visionaries: Creative Power Couple Bill And Clara Wainwright | Andrea Shea, WBUR

Shea writes:
Works by both Wainwrights are in the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum’s permanent collection. Nick Capasso has been a curator there for 20 years and drew a comparison to show why they would appear to make an unlikely pair.
“It just seems so odd, because Bill is an engineer and a scientist at heart, who’s a sculptor and uses hard industrial materials and lots of geometric things,” he said, adding the contrast, “Whereas Clara, on the other hand, makes quilts! And they’re soft and they’re organic and they’re narrative. What unites them is that they are catalysts for collaboration in the community. That’s what they do.”
That highlighted statement caught my eye because my wife and I, approaching retirement, are starting to do some volunteer work together.

The article concludes with this statement by Clara Wainwright:
"Well, I have a lot of visions!” she sang out with a laugh, then added, “I mean I’m 75 — and he’s 87 — so at a certain point you travel a little slower than you did before. But I figure there’s a lot of time ahead to do crazy things.”
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