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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Simplicity. The Key to Making Great Portraits | Glenn Guy,This Week in Photo

Bright eyes, dimmed not by age. This was very much my thinking when I photographed this elderly woman in a small village at the foot of St. Thomas Mount in Chennai (Madras), India.
I photographed her under lovely, soft light in an attempt to bring out the full expressive nature of her face. And while the picture is sharp and made from a relatively close distance, the soft nature of the light renders the changing tonality and wrinkled nature of her skin in a very flattering manner. Her skin simply glows.
Guy begins his blog with those words. And he writes later, in words next to the wonderful, detailed, enlargeable black-and-white photo:
The trick to making great portraits is simplicity, and that’s as true for technique as it is for composition and gesture. I can never understand why so many folks are unable to just see the light and move the subject into that light.
And he concludes:
I am both inspired and motivated by light. It is the transforming and, sometimes, transcendental nature of light not people, landscapes or buildings that is the primary subject matter of my photography.
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