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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Simplicity | Jamie Schultz Photography

Schultz writes:
In the art of photography there is so much potential to lose the subject in a sea of color, props and editing. While it’s fun to scout new locations and utilize new backgrounds and environments, I find it very refreshing to scale back and let the focus stay solely on the person I am photographing. On this particular portfolio/comp card shoot with Maeve, a model with Privileged Modeling Agency, I had an opportunity to do just that.
Schultz illustrates his point effectively at this site. In my photography, I've known to get closer in to the main subject and not provide too much distracting detail in the background (or foreground). Instead, I've tried to include only a hint of the environment around my main subject, to provide a sense of place.

But as Schultz shows, if the environment of the main subject doesn't provide much essential context for the mood or meaning in a photo, focus even more closely on the main subject--even more, in fact, than he has done in the photos on his site.

As in writing, eliminating unnecessary, distracting details in photographs can emphasize and enhance the meaning and point you're trying to make.
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