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Friday, April 20, 2012

Free Online Grammar Check Corrects Slack Spelling and Ghastly Grammar |

Here's another tool for helping writers. This one works online and, apparently, is free. I haven't checked, yet, to see if the company is also marketing a better product for sale.

This article is a news release from that company. I haven't used the product and can't endorse it. But I value tools that help writers correct and improve their work--as long as writers know that they are in charge of their final written product, not the tools they use. Human judgment is essential, even when using the "best" of technology.

According to the article (release), here's how Grammar Check works:
After adding a piece of writing to the tool and hitting the “Check Grammar” button, the system will highlight any errors with a red underline. When erroneous words are clicked on, a number of alternative suggestions are provided in order to offer a fix to the problem.
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