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Friday, April 20, 2012

A Simple Secret to Overcome Writer’s Block | Leslie Wilson, Write Uncaged

I often see and scan articles and blogs about overcoming writer's block, most of them providing various similar methods that can be effective. Here's another one I came across today: How to Identify and Overcome Writer's Block. It looks complete and useful.

But the article I'm featuring in this post describes a method I don't often see. It could seem off-topic because it doesn't involve writing, preparing for writing, or changing a writing habit.

Instead, as Wilson writes:
My all-time favorite way to overcome writer’s block?
See people. Yep, it’s that simple.
Sometimes the well can feel like it has run dry because we don’t have new sensory experiences or meaningful conversations.
She lists several ways in which "Interacting with 3-dimensional, living, breathing humans" can help overcome writer's block.

Sounds like a good (and fun) idea to me! Making connections can be inspiring.

For more resources for dealing with this difficulty, check out the Writer's Block section of Garbl's Writing Process Links. 

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