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Friday, April 20, 2012

Nonprofits connect on Internet | Renee Kumor,

After some research, Kumor notes that nonprofit agencies seem to be making good use of the Internet for communication with their various audiences. And she notes that agencies also are using it for fundraising.

She writes:
The name of the game these days is getting a donor's attention as well as getting financial support. If donors are more and more available online through various social networking locations and feel comfortable using options such as Paypal (the same method many use to shop online), successful fundraisers have to maintain a presence there.
But I think the challenge posed in Kumor's conclusion must be a top priority for any use of the Internet, from websites, to online newsletters to social media:
However, there is one very big challenge — feeding the beast. It takes time and attention from someone in an agency to stay tuned in and networked — someone who's job is to develop and post items on Facebook, to Twitter clients, volunteers and donors about up-to-the-minute, breaking news.
I've experienced in other contexts the eagerness of project planners to launch a newsletter or hold regular meetings for volunteers, only for them to eventually end because the project planners and their communications staff have limited time, interest and ideas for keeping them going.

Don't raise hopes and disappointment in an unplanned two-step process using any tools, new and old.

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