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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Surgery for migraines: Help or hokum?

I've never planned to use botox for plastic surgery (and still don't), but as a longtime migraine sufferer, this article intrigued me.

After plastic surgeon Bahman Guyuron  experienced a couple of cases of serendipity, the article reports:
Guyuon became intrigued by the possibility that he had stumbled on a new way to help some of the 36 million hapless Americans who suffer from migraines. He surmised that the cosmetic surgery had freed nerves that were being pinched and pained by muscles in the brow.
The objective article, however, continues with varying opinions about the effectiveness, value and safety of Guyuron's findings and treatment.

For now, I'm not going to run out and get this treatment. But I think it's worth monitoring. After all, it seems many of our medicines are made from ingredients you'd never think would have anything to do with the symptoms they reduce and prevent. Consider penicillin and bread mold, for example.

I'm sure a lot of thought, time, research and intelligence goes into development of our medicines--to make scientific connections between various substances and their effect on humans. But I bet serendipity has also played a role at times, even an important role.

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