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Friday, April 20, 2012

Ultimate Spelling Calls on America’s Young People to “Take an Active Interest” in Improving their Spelling Ability |

This article, published by PRWeb and reprinted in the online Seattle Post-Intelligencer, promotes software called Ultimate Spelling.

I haven't bought it or used it and can't endorse it. But I appreciate tools that help us correct and improve our spelling, grammar and word usage. This software is targeted at young people.

The article doesn't describe how the software works. But here's a comment by Marc Slater, managing director of eReflect, the company behind the Ultimate Spelling software, probably from its news release:
Many electronic devices contain spell checkers, grammar correctors and auto-correct features. While these are very useful within the moment, they can lead to a lack of spelling awareness.
So, we are calling on all young people to make a conscious effort to improve their spelling ability, even though many of today’s devices do all of the hard work for them.
For other Web resources with spelling advice, check out the Spelling section of Garbl's Word Links.

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